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Anonymous asked: "So when is Lee Joongki release day from military?"

So as far as the info that’s out there right now, he’s scheduled to be released May 26, 2015… there’s still one more year!

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Joongki in Dark Colors / Black Compilation for anon

ihavelivedlongenough asked: "Hello! Do you know where I can watch/download Hearty Paws 2 and I'm Real Song Joong-Ki with eng subs? (btw, you're blog is nice, please keep it updated. :))"

Hi! Here are the links for Hearty Paws 2, enjoy! Sadly, I could find any links for I’m Real SJK. The original Korean version can be found on youtube :)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Anonymous asked: "hi!!! Can you post some pics of Joong Ki in black esp. the ones from The Innocent Man drama? Like the one he was wearing when he was making out with a gold digger in the drama. He was in all black there and I want to save the photos and set him as my wallpaper."

Yes~! I am a bit busy right now, but I’ll get to it by the end of today, you can count on that :3

Anonymous asked: "Why did he leave running man?"

He wanted to focus on his acting career, and it would be difficult to be in a drama and on running man without passing out or getting sick lol so rather than being mediocre in both, he decided to pick one and put his all into it.

Our Joongki wants to do his best in whatever he does :) It still WAS a tough decision for him though, he really loved running man, and he cried.



SJK for Customellow

SJK for Customellow